About Angela


I am a memory designer who is passionate about documenting life stories. I’ve been fortunate to grow up in a loving and supportive family and believe in the power of values, traditions, and experiences. My mission is to ensure such virtues are passed along to future generations. I want to help families stay true to their roots, elevate individuals’ sense of significance, and give hope to those who may be seeking more meaningful relationships. I understand the impact of personal storytelling and encourage all to share their own, one memory at a time.

Memory designing for me is about connecting people. It’s about expressing gratitude, appreciation, and love for the blessings in life. It’s about sharing wisdom and inspiration.


I obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Advanced Business Communication Certificate from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. During my studies at Eau Claire, I adventured abroad in Australia for a semester and fell head over heels for travel. That was the first once-in-a-lifetime experience I documented via photos and journaling. My career then led me from advertising sales to marketing research to human resources. Despite the desirable opportunities, I was never able to set aside my love of photos and passion for design. Once I realized the two were a match made in heaven, I began creating digital storybooks and never looked back.


My caring demeanor, creativity, and design aesthetic will not disappoint. After working with me, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be cherished for years to come. Clients consistently commend me for my compassion, optimism, organization, attention to detail, and writing abilities.


You will often find me taking walks with my husband, kids, and Goldendoodle; paging through a book or magazine; and spending time with extended family and friends. I am an introvert who cherishes close relationships, prefers meaningful conversations over small talk, and gains energy from solitude. Don’t let my reserved personality fool you, though. I know how to have fun with the best of ‘em!