Treat Change As If It Were A Costume

With Halloween just around the corner, I’ve been pondering about change. Why is it that so many people love to dress up in costumes and reinvent themselves during this holiday but often resist life changes, even the small ones, throughout the remainder of the year? And then it dawned on me…we should treat change as if it were a costume!

We should think creatively about change: try it on, have fun with it for a while (preconceived judgments set aside) and take action based on our experience with it. If we don’t like a costume, we set it aside and move onto the next without a second thought. Why not do the same with change? Approach it with a light heart and take the pressure off by acknowledging it’s only temporary. As long as we’re willing to take risks, we’ll discover what fits best in the present moment and be more inclined to relish in excitement when it’s time for a makeover.
Have a Happy Halloween and keep your costume spirit alive! Be sure to take lots of pictures :-)

Until next time...enjoy making memories!