Who Knew Storybook Tributes Could Be So Much Fun?!?!

Over the last few years, I’ve found storybooks to be a meaningful way for me to express my gratitude to loved ones. These have been some of my most fulfilling works of art. As I pieced together each storybook, I was pleasantly reminded of the many blessings in my life. I was also filled with joy knowing that my work was going to make someone else feel valued.
Although I often start with the photos when determining the purpose and layout of my storybooks, these tributes were born first by content and then paired with photos. I think that’s what makes them so special. The words are the heart of the book and create meaningful connection that would not otherwise be communicated. The photos then add depth to the stories. The combination can’t be beat!  
As you read about the significance behind my storybook tributes and view some of the pages, I hope you’re inspired to show your appreciation in unique ways.

I sent a letter via email to my grandma’s family and friends. In the letter, I explained I was planning to create a lifetime of memories album to show my grandma how much she was loved and appreciated. I asked everyone to send me favorite memories and photos they had of my grandma, emphasizing it didn’t need to be anything elaborate (a note on a Post-it, a quick email, etc.). I was blown away by the number of responses I received and even more so by the thought that went into the stories. I had a blast compiling all of the information! It ended up being a gift that not only my grandma cherishes but one that family members find entertaining. It’s a great depiction of the youthful, warmhearted woman my grandma is and has always been.

After having my daughter, I became even more appreciative of my mom and wanted to share my gratitude with her. She was deeply touched by this book and delighted in the memories stirred up from the photos.

My siblings and I wanted to gift something special to my parents for their anniversary, so we combined life lessons we learned growing up with photos from our childhood years. The storybook was a hit and continues to be a conversation piece with visitors. We all love reminiscing about the good old days.

This month, try using photos and stories to thank others. And don’t be alarmed at how much fun it is!

Until next time...enjoy making memories!