Photo Gifts Galore

The holiday season is upon us. I love this time of year! Thanksgiving always brings me so much joy. The emphasis on gratitude increases happiness all around. Families come together. Comfort foods are in abundance. Pumpkin pie aroma fills homes. Relaxation is encouraged. Ahh. More memories to be made.
I make it a point to not overlook Thanksgiving and jump right into Christmas, but I do start thinking about Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving rolls around. In fact, my goal this year is to complete all of my Christmas shopping before December. That way, I can truly enjoy the spirit of Christmas. I envision myself relaxing in my living room sipping hot cocoa, eating dark chocolate and cuddling up with my family in cozy blankets while watching Christmas movies among Christmas tree lights :-) It’s been great motivation for me to get a jump start on my personalized gifts!
As you probably know, I often gift photos. The number of customized photo products available today can be overwhelming, so I’m going to share with you ten of my favorites. You’ll notice I’m a fan of a few companies in particular. I’ve shopped around and have chosen these companies because they’re reliable. You can count on them to deliver quality products. 
Pint Size Productions is my go-to company for board books. I typically create the books from a blank template using Adobe InDesign; however, they have a variety of pre-designed templates you can personalize as well. I’ve been very happy with the durability of the books and most importantly, the kiddos love them. Click on the images below to view a couple of my recent designs:

Pinhole Press also has photo board book options. I have not yet ordered one of these books, but I have heard good things about them from friends.
If you know someone who is constantly writing things down, Pinhole Press’s photo notepads are a great gift. These have been a hit with grandparents and aunts in my family.
Grab the attention of kids in your life by turning photos into a fun game. I’ve created a photo memory game for my niece and recently ordered one for my daughter through Pinhole Press. I cannot wait to relive our vacation while playing this game with my daughter. I know she’s going to love it!
You can’t go wrong when gifting a photo calendar. Almost everyone is appreciative to see loved ones’ faces each month. My favorites are from Artifact Uprising, Pinhole Press and AdoramaPix
If you know someone who enjoys putting puzzles together, this is a meaningful gift. My dad, for instance, can be very hard to shop for. He does enjoy puzzles; however, so I created him a personalized puzzle of him and my mom fishing (his favorite thing to do) - something different to get him other than Fleet Farm gift cards :-) Young or old, most have fun seeing a memory unfold before their eyes. Pinhole Press has photo puzzles for children and adults.
As I’ve emphasized in the past and based on my service offerings, photo books are one of my favorite photo gifts. The possibilities with photo books are endless, and so many details can be included to help tell the story of the photos. Even better, I’ve never seen a photo book recipient disappointed in their gift. Photo books hold so much heart and soul they’re hard to resist. I’ve used Blurb and AdoramaPix for my photo books in the past. Both deliver user-friendly interfaces and superb quality. In the future, I plan to have photo books printed at Artifact Uprising and Pinhole Press. Just thinking about it gets me excited for the day these beauties land on my doorstep. I have no doubt they will be stunning!
I ordered square magnets for my office space. They’re adorable! I know I’ll be ordering more for my home and as gifts. These magnets are a fun way to add charisma to any area. You can order them through Pinhole Press.
If you like the look of square photos but don’t have a need for magnets, Artifact Uprising can help you out! They offer square print sets. Sleek and gorgeous.
I gush over photo wall art displays. Online or in person, they hook me in every time. I have framed photos all over my house. Surprise. Surprise. As I’m walking from room to room, I can’t help but smile while being reminded of the good memories and fabulous people in my life. For me, photos lift my mood, strengthen my gratitude and inspire me to continue living a life in alignment with my values. I find most people appreciate framed prints to display at their home or in their office. Pinhole Press and Artifact Uprising have beautiful wall art options to choose from. I’ve also created my own designs and then purchased a frame that matches the recipient’s style preference. Here’s a print I created for both sets of grandparents last year:

Rotating photos in a simple, yet elegant display…you can’t go wrong with this piece of art. Check it out at Artifact Uprising
My parents gave me a photo quilt of childhood memories while I was in college. I loved it then, and I love it now! My mom’s friend was a quilter and helped her with it. Because I haven’t yet had one made for someone else, I don’t have a company to recommend. I’d suggest starting with a local quilt shop or Etsy. You can get really creative with photo quilts, and they serve dual purposes. So cozy and comforting :-)
There you have it. Hope this gives you some gift ideas for your loved ones. If you have questions or would like my assistance with photo gifts, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to help!

Until next time...enjoy making memories!