Benefits of Nostalgia

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we dusted off old family videos. My family and I had a blast watching the VHS tapes. Yes, a VCR was already present :-) It’s amazing how some things change so drastically and others remain the same. Reminiscing through old photos and videos continues to be a favorite pastime of mine. I can’t think of many other things that bring people together in such a lighthearted way. The young, the old, the gals, the guys…all willingly join in on the experience. One event sparks the memory of another and stories upon stories are shared. There’s laughter, sometimes tears and always good conversation.

I was once again reminded of the joy evoked by nostalgia and had to do some research. Come to find out there are quite a few studies which confirm the power of nostalgia. A Huffington Post article captured many of the benefits:

Helps people relate their past experiences to their present lives in order to make greater meaning of it all.

Increases feelings of social connectedness.

Makes people feel loved and valued.

Increases happiness and self-esteem.

Makes people feel warmer, literally.

Creates increased optimism about the future.

This holiday season, give the gift of nostalgia. Create photo gifts, initiate a “trip” down memory lane and share your fondest stories. Keep taking those photos and videos, and please do display them! They have a greater positive impact than what they’re given credit for. They truly do make a difference in the lives of those who cross their paths.

Until next time...enjoy making memories!