The Storybook Revolution Begins!


Hi and welcome! I’m thrilled to have you joining me on this storybook revolution! I’m Angela Winsor, a memory designer who is passionate about helping others get their stories into the world. Since childhood, I’ve found photos to be magical. They have this innate ability to attract attention, bring back memories, infuse emotions and initiate conversation. Over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate the combination of photos and words. Whether it’s names, a story or a quote included with photos, I’ve found the photo experience becomes more intimate. It teaches. It enriches. It entertains. This has led me to storybook creation…a perfect way for me to co-mingle my love of photos, writing and design to help others make their mark.

I’m a strong believer in the significant impact storytelling has on loved ones. I’ve seen families reminisce over photos countless times. There’s almost always laughter and sometimes tears. Unfortunately, missing pieces to the stories often leave people wondering. My hope is to fill this void by helping individuals recognize the value of documenting their photos and stories for generations to come. A little wisdom goes a long way!

As I embark on my own storybook revolution, I’ll be sharing my progress. I’ll display storybooks I’ve created for my family and friends, take you inside of my storybook creation process, provide information about my favorite resources, discuss ways in which I find inspiration and offer tips and tricks to get you started on documenting your own stories.

I’m looking forward to making a difference together, one memory at a time!

If you have questions or feedback, I encourage you to contact me. See my Contact page for details.

Until next time, cheers!