In Motion


Whew! It’s been a long journey. A journey worthwhile, though. This business has been years in the making, many more than anticipated. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into learning and creating. I’ve also gotten stuck many times. I'm so happy to be back in motion! Thanks to It's Business Time, I've eliminated future regrets and am super excited to finally say, “Welcome to my business home.”

I've learned a lot up to this point. Many lessons are common sense, but as I get wrapped up in day-to-day life, I need to be reminded. There’s no doubt I will be referring back to these lessons as I continue forward momentum:

Baby steps will lead me further than I ever imagined.

It’s okay to invest in myself. In fact, it’s essential if I want to grow and better serve others.

Accountability is key. I will accomplish much more if I have at least one accountability buddy and a support network.

If something has been lurking in my mind, it exists for a reason. It’s not going to disappear until I do something about it. It's up to me to choose what that something will be.

I’m my biggest critic. It’s vital I hang onto the exciting to move beyond the scary. It’ll be worth the discomfort.

I’m capable of more than I give myself credit for.

Commitment and discipline make a huge impact. It’s my responsibility to make time for what’s most important to me and to stick with it, even if it’s not desirable in the moment. It’ll reap benefits down the road.

I have to let go of things to make room for new opportunities.

The best thing I can do for myself and for others is to be authentic.

Everyone starts somewhere. I must not become paralyzed by perfectionism. Instead, I must embrace imperfection and the growth opportunities that come with it.

As you go after your own dreams, I encourage you to be gentle on yourself. Follow your recurring desires without expecting overnight success. Enjoy every step of every journey, recognizing that there will always be evolving pieces. Be proud of how far you’ve come and stay intrigued for what’s ahead. Most importantly, stay in motion!

In conclusion, a BIG THANK YOU to Michelle Ward, Tiffany Han, Erin Cassidy and my It’s Business Time peeps for helping me to shift my mindset, move beyond obstacles and get my business off the ground! I will forever be grateful. Hugs (and happy dances of course) all around!

I am super excited to share my storybook creations, storytelling tips and favorite resources with you in my upcoming newsletters!

Until next time...enjoy making memories!