Word of the Year

Happy New Year! After spending several weeks of quality time with family, I’m reenergized and ready to make things happen in 2016 :-) Thus my word of the year: FOCUS. 

At first this word didn’t resonate with me. It felt a bit cold (my past words have been more lighthearted: courage, believe, trust, transformation). Then I realized, however, if I’m going to accomplish everything that’s already in store for me this year, my focus needs to be kicked up a notch or two. It’s not every year I sell a home, build a new home and get a business off the ground. In order to maintain a desired work/life rhythm during these pivotal moments, focus is going to be essential. In fact, I’m certain it’s going to be a constant that carries me through. It’s going to be my sidekick, cheering me on and steering me in the right direction…the direction of my priorities: nourishing personal relationships (even when life gets chaotic), being original, creating consistently, collaborating with like-minded individuals and simplifying all areas of my life.       

Faith, family and friends





My motivation for completion will be, “Focus on progression, not perfection.

I’ll also rely on my five L’s:

Learning to say “no”

Letting go of things that no longer serve me

Leaning into the unknown

Listening to my heart

Leaping with faith

I know I have a lot on my plate for 2016, but I truly believe it’ll all be possible with intentional focus every day. The hardest part for me is going to be limiting the amount of learning materials (i.e. classes, podcasts, blogs, books) I consume. To keep my love of learning from backfiring on me, I’m going to first concentrate on managing my time and streamlining my processes. Essentialism, Getting Things Done and The ONE Thing are at the top of my reading list, and I’m currently in the middle of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. With a few shifts and a lot of FOCUS, I’ll be on the road to success. Thanks for believing in me and supporting me on my journey :-)

Blessings in abundance to you in 2016! I hope it’s your best year yet. 

Until next time…enjoy making memories!